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RecFest 2012 - Ice Sheffield (30th June/1st July)

The teams have been announced as:

Invicta Knights
Solihull Vikings
Streatham Nightwolves
RAF Eastern Crusade
Chelmsford Chargers

            Bradford Cannibals
            Solent Scorpions
            Sheffield Blazers
            Newcastle Coyotes
            Peterborough Phoenix

                    Peterborough Eagles
                    Cleveland Comets
                    Blackburn Falcons
                    Medway Madness
                    Norwich Norsemen

Our games are scheduled for:

10.40    Blackburn Falcons    Medway Madness
1.40    Medway Madness    Cleveland Comets
3.40    Medway Madness    Norwich Norsemen
6.40    Peterborough Eagles    Medway Madness

Madness are in the "usual" changing room sharing with Solent Scorpions.

Updates will appear on the site and on our Twitter stream (@MedwayMadness) across the weekend.

Its all about TEAMWORK - Play as a team, lose as a team, win as a team.


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