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#1 Re: Kit for Sale » Nike Bauer one90 Stick - P90Malkin 77 Flex. » Tue 24th Apr 12 10:17

He would need to put a butt end in it and it would be to whippy for him then! You on the other hand...... wink

#2 Kit for Sale » Nike Bauer one90 Stick - P90Malkin 77 Flex. » Tue 24th Apr 12 09:59

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I have used this stick about 5 times and always kept it as a back up so it is in tip top order. I am going to get my other Total One out it's bag so this is available to the highest bidder.

I shall start the bidding at £70.

p.s I paid £200 for the stick so it's a pretty awesome deal!

#3 Re: Kit for Sale » For sale: Bauer Vapor X60s UK size 12 » Thu 29th Sep 11 18:28

HA HA HA HA HA HA big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile.

I only wear size 6's so can i buy one for £150 and cut it in half?!

#4 Re: General Discussion » Booooorrreeed » Thu 9th Jun 11 04:28

what about some sort of picture of me on "madness airways" seeing as I am flying in for this game!!!!! ha!!!!

#6 Kit for Sale » Bose Portable Sounddock » Mon 28th Feb 11 09:46

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I have another one of those Sounddock's I had last night. It's brand new and in it's box.

I have a bid for £200, if anybody would like to up that then let me know! They RRP at £350.

#11 Re: Foreign Travel » Apparently Howie is in the Czech Republic... » Mon 11th Oct 10 12:30

I know Dougie, poor form from the Howster. Poor!

#12 Re: General Discussion » dont drive tired my arse!!!! » Mon 27th Sep 10 11:04

bloody hell scrivs - that is a right royal p*** take, appeal against it just to make them work harder for there money!

#14 Re: Kit for Sale » Helmets » Mon 20th Sep 10 14:07

but I love you! Put me down for one mate.

#16 Re: Kit for Sale » Helmets » Mon 20th Sep 10 12:35

i could be interested for training, do you want the cage?

#18 Re: General Discussion » Amazing penalty shot » Sun 15th Aug 10 16:30

Twats!!!!!! This is why i came home early!!!!!

#19 Re: News & Announcements » Matt Daubney gets the call! » Fri 13th Aug 10 19:53

Thought i had posted when i posted on woody's. Good luck matty, you have kept us in loads of games hopefully you can do the same for the 'tangs!!!!

#21 Re: General Discussion » matt raffertty » Sat 31st Jul 10 17:15

scrivs his email address is :


#22 Re: General Discussion » matt raffertty » Wed 28th Jul 10 22:17

facebook - he is always on there mate, he does check this everynow and then - do you want me to pass a message on to him?

#24 Re: General Chat » Beagle puppies for sale » Sat 29th May 10 03:15

christ ash get some sleepv - good bitches though"v x

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